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How Infrared Drone Solar Inspections Can Save You Money

Drones are now a staple in many industries, and the solar industry is no exception. Solar companies use drones to inspect panels for damage and wear and tear. Infrared drone solar inspections can save money by detecting problems with panels before they become too costly to repair.

Benefits of infrared drone solar inspections

Using infrared-equipped drones for solar panel inspections offers a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits are:

Speed of inspection

Conventional methods of solar panel inspection may take days and require multiple technicians, depending on the site of the solar panel field. Meanwhile, drone inspections take just minutes to complete and do not require workers to risk their lives by climbing on rooftops and platforms.

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of inspections

Drones have long been known for their efficiency and accuracy when conducting aerial inspections. The addition of infrared technology means they can also be used for solar panel inspections.

Drones equipped with infrared cameras are used to easily and quickly inspect solar panels for damage or defects. High-resolution images and videos taken by drones can be zoomed in, making it easier to identify faults, hotspots, and other causes for concern. In addition, drones with FLIR cameras can identify performance issues in solar panels.

Provides beneficial data

Infrared drone solar inspections collect more data faster than manual methods. Thermal data can help you confirm whether your solar system is working as intended.

By processing and analyzing data, you can also quickly identify what is causing output loss—whether it’s faults, hotspots, installation errors, or some other anomaly.

Reduction in maintenance costs

Infrared drone solar inspections can help reduce maintenance costs by providing a more efficient way to identify problems with solar panels. This can help reduce the time and money spent on repairs and replacements.

Better documentation for warranty claims

Infrared drone solar inspections can provide your business with better documentation for warranty claims. If there is damage to your equipment, you’ll have clear images and video footage to show the manufacturer or insurer. You can use the data as proof to help validate your warranty claim.

How often should you have your solar panels inspected?

Annual solar panel inspections are essential to ensure that your system runs at peak performance. Extreme weather conditions can damage solar panels, so it’s important to have them inspected after a storm.

Importance of hiring professionals to do the inspection

Hiring professionals to inspect is essential since they have the experience and expertise not just to operate the drones but also to know what to look for. They have the right equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Finally, they can provide you with a report that details their findings so that you can make informed decisions about your solar panel array.

Infrared drone solar inspections can save money and time by identifying problems before they become more significant issues. If you plan to have your solar panels inspected, reach out to The Chandler Companies.

We offer professional optical and thermal drone solutions and can scan hundreds of acres in minutes. Get in touch with us today to request a quote.

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