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How Can Drone Surveys Speed Up Solar Farm Construction?

If you’ve never considered a drone survey for solar farm construction to push for a more sustainable future – now’s a perfect time.

As of the first quarter of 2022, the US boosts a total of 126.1 gigawatts of solar capacity. That is enough to power 22 million US households!

Continue reading to discover how solar farm drone inspection and construction can pave the way to a better tomorrow faster and more efficiently.

Dealing With Labor Shortage

The construction market is facing challenging times as labor and material cost rapidly rise. The labor shortage is fueling complications even further as investors and companies don’t have the needed number of workers to execute their plans. The solar construction industry is not immune to these complications.

However, drone surveying can help companies expand and venture into new projects even during these challenging times. With the help of machine learning and AI, a drone can finish the task of dozens of workers in mere minutes. It can also reduce material and resource waste to a minimum.

Simply put, it enables more practical and cost-effective equipment, materials, and labor usage.

Faster Solar Farm Construction

The primary way drone surveying speeds up the solar farm construction process is by automating many repetitive pre-construction tasks. With regular surveying, these tasks might take even weeks of manual work. However, drones can complete them in minutes or a day.

This includes providing information about the terrain (soil type, vegetation, erosion, etc.), counting stockpiles and holes, identifying differences between the real build and the design, inspecting photovoltaic fields, and so on.

By robotizing these tasks, the drone speeds up the construction process and allows workers to put their focus elsewhere and to better use.

Tracking Construction Progress

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Another part of the construction process that takes up plenty of time is overseeing progress. Usually, you need to hire additional workers to keep track of the process. In addition, you need to always be on alert for unpredictable complications.

However, if you have drones, you can have a clear aerial view of the site at all times. This is beneficial for detecting any potential issues early on as well as increasing the site’s security.

Fast and Efficient Inspections

Solar farms will play a defining role in protecting our planet. They provide massive benefits. Most notably, reducing energy spending and carbon emission.

However, these systems are still vulnerable, especially to weather conditions. That is why they need frequent inspections.

Drone surveying can detect any issues within the blink of an eye. Their superior surveying reduces the chances of more complex issues, costly repairs, and overall failure.

With this in mind, scheduling an annual drone survey inspection for your solar farm will benefit your budget and the farm’s efficiency.

Where to Find the Best Drone Survey For Solar Farm Construction

At The Chandler Companies, you can find everything you need for a successful construction project. Our team specializes in many construction fields, including roofing and commercial and residential construction.

However, we take special pride in our drone surveying and inspection services. Use our drones to capture high-resolution thermal and optical imaging and spare yourself countless hours of manual labor and cost. Contact us today to learn how our high-end drones can help you take your solar farm construction projects to the next level.

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