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Industrial Roofing Inspection
Thermal Data
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Chandler Drone Services specializes in aerial inspection through infrared thermal imaging. This technology allows us to see possible moisture or other anomalies in an industrial roof or structure in minutes.

These anomalies are visualized via our state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras. These cameras are equipped with dual thermal and optical capabilities, allowing us to discover thermal and visual issues.

The cameras also geo-tags with precision every time an image is captured, allowing us to note trouble spots with pinpoint accuracy.

Our licensed thermographers then create a detailed report outlining all possible issues and anomalies discovered with this system. Reports are meticulous but not overly technical, allowing for easy follow-up, circulation, and action planning.


Managing an electric grid is a complicated job even before you factor regular inspection into the day-to-day. Between substations, transmission lines, poles and all the other hardware, there are countless items to manage and account for. And that also means countless places that are potential hot spots. Manual inspection of an entire coverage area takes manpower that many municipalities just don’t have.

Enter Chandler Drone Services. Our optical and thermal drone inspections can cover miles of transmission lines and dozens of poles in a fraction of the time it would take to examine every component individually. With precision accuracy, we can pinpoint exactly where a failure exists. More importantly, our thermal imaging technology can show you where POTENTIAL failure is hiding. And we do safely, eliminating the need to put personnel on the pole or near electrical assets.


Solar Field Inspection
Thermal Data
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As solar power becomes more and more commonplace, the need for thorough and efficient inspection of solar panels and fields are increasing in demand. If every panel isn’t working at close-to-peak efficiency, an owner could be hemorrhaging energy and dollars. Solar panels are built to last more than a decade, but the average panel declines in efficiency by at least a few percentage points every year. 

Unfortunately, manual inspection of solar panels can be tedious and often not very effective. This is where aerial drone inspection comes in. Chandler Drone Services can inspect acres of solar panels in mere minutes, using thermal imaging that can instantly pinpoint anomalies that cannot be detected with the naked eye—no more walking the farm scanning a single panel at a time. Chandler Drone Services saves weeks to months of work.


We capture optical video to show off your commercial properties.

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