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We provide answers to many of the questions about our professional optical and thermal drone services

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Drone footage is a popular way to highlight any business, but there usually are questions regarding how it all works. Please check out our list of FAQS for answers to common questions. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please contact us!

In many industries, hands-on inspection of structures and equipment can take time and manpower that isn’t always available. Thermal and optical drone inspection can accomplish the same work in a fraction of the time, often with greater accuracy.

Laws very state by state regarding flying in parks and such, but the airspace is consistent. The FAA regulates all airspace, and commercial drones can fly in it with a licensed operator. Chandler complies with all laws, and all our operators are fully licensed and insured. 

Yes, the national airspace starts at the ground. Commercial pilots can fly over private property as long as the airspace itself isn’t restricted. All that said - Chandler strictly works to not violate individual privacy and we don’t perform data acquisition on residential structures without owner cooperation. 

We carry up to 10 million in specialized insurance for our projects. This isn’t just liability but also covers our equipment in these highly specialized inspections. 

We work in full exterior structural building inspection (optical). We also perform full commercial flat roof building Infrared inspections. Our drones additionally can perform solar panel inspection, utility line / power pole inspection, and windmill analysis. Finally, we can do interior mapping and modeling, and marketing photography and videography with full in house editing services. 

Yes. Interior modeling isn’t dependent on weather, but all Drone work requires decent weather in some capacity. 

14 days would be preferable. This allows us to track weather patterns and potentially identify FAA restricted airspace issues. On some occasions, this wait might be longer if the site is on or very near an airport. 

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