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Chandler Drone Services offers drones capable of inspecting hundreds of acres in the time it once took to inspect dozens.

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Improve the efficiency and accuracy of solar panel inspections

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As the energy industry continues the quest for affordable renewable energy, companies must monitor and maintain consistent solar energy generation. Regular inspections are necessary to ensure smooth operations.

Chandler Drone Services provides drones for solar panel inspections. These drones cover acres of land in a few minutes, effectively cutting down the time needed for a usually time-consuming manual task. They can also detect faulty panels and potential hot spots without exposing inspectors to potentially hazardous environments.

We use next-level thermal imaging technology that lets you view optical and thermal results accurately and in high definition. Stay on top of your competition with our drone inspection services.

Industrial Roofing Inspection
Thermal Data
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Maximize drone technology for
solar farm inspections

You can survey larger areas faster and safer using drone technology for solar farm inspections. Take a look at the different ways you can use our drone services.

Industrial Roofing Inspections

Thermal drone for industrial roof inspection

Our next-level thermal imaging technology allows us to quickly and accurately identify hot spots in your solar farm. It also enables faster and more precise detection of damage so you can address issues before they worsen.

Utility and Substation Inspections

Utility and substation drone inspection

Energy companies use our drone inspection services to safely and efficiently inspect electrical distribution and transmission power poles. The inspections provide actionable data that result in higher first time fix ratios, and appropriate materials replacement as exact issues are categorized after inspection.

Solar Field Inspections


Performing a drone inspection of your solar farm requires specialized equipment and expertise. From confirming the dimensions of your solar farm to processing the optical and thermal data, we can conduct a full inspection for you.

Here’s what that may look like:

The integration of our drone technology streamlines the process of solar field inspections by capturing aerial data through sophisticated cameras and sensors mounted on drones. This method not only enhances the accuracy of inspections but also significantly reduces the time and safety risks typically associated with manual roof access—but we’ll get more into that in just a bit.

drone inspection for solar farm

Our drone services, tailored to the specific layout of your solar farm or residential solar array, ensure coverage of every solar panel while adhering to stringent safety and privacy protocols. Utilizing drones equipped with thermographic cameras, we conduct a thorough inspection that meticulously identifies any defects or inefficiencies, such as cracks in solar cells or issues in electrical wiring, that could impede the optimal generation of electricity.

The culmination of the inspection process lies in the detailed analysis of the gathered data. Leveraging advanced software and AI-driven algorithms, we transform this data into actionable insights, pinpointing the exact location and nature of any detected anomalies. This empowers property owners like yourself with precise, evidence-based information to undertake necessary repairs or maintenance.

Why Choose Drone-Based Solar Panel Inspections?

Discover how our solar panel drone inspections help you rise above the competition.
Chandler High Definition Video

High Definition Video

Our advanced thermal imaging technology gives you a sharper, clearer view of your solar farm.

Chandler Flight Icon

Onsite Flight in Minutes

Conduct quick, comprehensive scans of your property through our solar panel drone inspection.

Chandler Look Deeper Icon

Deeper Look into Roof

Chandler’s solar panel drone inspections provide optical and thermal footage of your property.

Chandler Editing Icon

Video Editing Services

Gain access to raw footage as well as audience-ready presentations of our drone inspections.

Chandler Consulting Icon

Additional Consulting

We assist from solar farm assessment and flight planning to data collection and organization.

Gain clarity of your solar energy business

Anyone can take drone images and videos of your solar farm, but it takes an experienced team to give you a full optical and thermal view of your property. Our thermal imaging technology helps you look beyond what the naked eye can see.

Discover the value of drone inspections

Historically, solar panel inspections required manual work that could expose people to safety hazards. Manual inspections also have limited results because you don’t get a full view of the solar farm.

Our drone services for solar panel inspections provide a comprehensive optical and thermal view of your solar farm, resulting in the accurate detection of existing damage and potential hot spots. We also get the job done quickly—our drones can scan hundreds of acres in the time it used to take to inspect dozens.

Our drone services offer countless critical advantages that you won’t want to miss out on, including those mentioned below!

Overall Safety

Our solar panel drone inspections enhance safety for both inspectors and property owners. Maneuvering drones equipped with advanced imaging technology across rooftops and expansive solar fields mitigates the risks traditionally associated with manual inspections, such as falls or electrical hazards, ensuring a secure process from start to finish.

Real-Time Analysis

The power of real-time analysis during drone-based solar panel inspections cannot be overstated. Through the lenses of our drones’ advanced imaging technology, our team can observe and assess the condition of solar panels instantly, allowing for immediate identification of potential issues. This transforms the inspection process, making it not only faster but more accurate.

High-Definition Imaging

High-definition imaging, as part of our drone-based solar panel inspection service, turns every detail into a piece of valuable data. This technology allows us to spot even the most minuscule aberrations on solar panels—be it a slight misalignment, a hairline crack in the glass, or subtle signs of weathering.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging allows the team to detect subtle differences in temperature across the solar panels, revealing issues such as overheating components or underperforming cells that are invisible to the naked eye. It’s a game-changer in ensuring solar systems operate efficiently, minimizing energy loss, and extending the lifespan of the panels through timely interventions.

Maximized Efficiency

The agility and thoroughness afforded by drones allow for an unprecedented level of detail in inspections, contributing directly to the optimal functioning of solar panels. This efficiency not only pertains to the inspection process itself but extends to the entire lifecycle of a solar energy system, ensuring maximum electricity generation and reducing the need for extensive repairs.

Reduced Costs

By circumventing the logistical and financial hurdles of traditional inspection methods—think manned crews needing safety equipment and insurance—this streamlined approach cuts down on labor hours and minimizes the risks associated with manual inspections. These savings are not only reflected in the immediate budget but also ripple through the long-term operation of the solar energy system by catching and addressing issues early on.

Use drone services for solar panel inspections

Optical images and videos aren’t always enough to detect damage and hot spots that could compromise your solar energy farm. Our thermal drone inspection services give you a comprehensive view of your solar panels, providing you with the information you need to prevent costly downtime and ensure smooth operations.


Drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging technology to capture detailed images and identify potential issues in solar panels. They efficiently navigate large areas and inaccessible rooftops, providing a comprehensive visual assessment of the panels. 

Using drones to inspect solar panels has numerous advantages, such as cost savings, increased safety, time efficiency, and precise identification of defects. Drones facilitate rapid data collection and analysis, enabling prompt maintenance and improved performance of solar panels overall. It's a unique and effective approach that simplifies maintenance and inspection processes. 

Drones can identify various issues, including cracks, wear and tear, loose connections, hotspots, shading, and debris accumulation on solar panels. Precise thermal imaging uncovers hidden defects and allows for timely repairs, ensuring optimal panel functionality. 

Drone inspections offer greater efficiency compared to manual inspections for solar panels. They can cover large areas within a shorter period without compromising the level of detail in assessments. Additionally, drone inspections reduce labor costs and human intervention, minimizing the risk of error and safety issues. 

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with high-quality cameras, GPS technology, and thermal sensors are commonly utilized for solar panel inspections. These drones incorporate advanced software to accurately capture, analyze, and interpret the collected data. 

The duration of a drone solar panel inspection depends on site complexity and the solar array's size. Typically, an inspection takes a few hours to a day to complete. After the inspection, the data is processed and analyzed so we can provide recommendations for maintenance and repairs. 

Drones equipped with thermal imaging technology can detect visible and hidden defects in solar panels. Thermal sensors are adept at identifying temperature variations, which may indicate potential problems such as faulty cells or electrical connections. This efficient method identifies issues with solar panels that may not be apparent to the naked eye. 

Depending on the state, regulations, and permits for solar panel drone inspections may differ. Consulting local aviation authorities or regulatory bodies is crucial to comply with drone flight regulations and acquire necessary permits or certifications for commercial drone operations. 

To ensure the safety of drone inspections in solar farms, the drones must be operated by knowledgeable pilots who prioritize safety protocols at all times. This involves adhering to aviation regulations, conducting pre-flight checks meticulously, maintaining safe distances from structures and people, and implementing emergency protocols. 

The frequency of drone inspections on solar panels depends on factors such as panel age, environmental conditions, and maintenance history. As a general guideline, a yearly inspection is typically sufficient, but older panels may require a more frequent checkup. 



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