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Chandler Drone Services help you detect and address roof leaks before they get worse.

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Detect damage quickly

with thermal drone inspections

Aerial roofing inspections have come a long way since their inception. Our licensed pilots train specifically on this particular use case of aerial data collection to allow for cutting edge membrane moisture mapping. Chandler Drone Services looks beyond the surface by utilizing next-level thermal imaging, and RGB optical mapping to providing optical and thermal data that’s accurate and reliable, in an actionable format that’s easy to understand and work off of.

Aerial Moisture Mapping Drone Inspections

Our Aerial Moisture Mapping drone inspections give you a bird’s eye view of your property, so it’s easier to pinpoint structural issues and other concerns that aren’t visible with optical imaging alone. We scan for the absence of insulation and the presence of moisture, which could both damage roofing.

One of the largest key benefits to our drone services is the speed at which we can turn around a report. Large scale inspections can usually take weeks or months depending on the size of the structure. With our services, we aim to turn around an inspection in under a week, meaning you can make actionable decisions now, not later.

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Thermal Data
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How You Benefit from
Drone Roof Leak Detection Services

When you use a drone for roof leak detection, you can quickly scan large areas for missing insulation and increasing moisture. It’s also easier to identify structural issues. Check out what’s included in our drone services:
Chandler High Definition Video

High-Definition Video

Get a clearer view of roof leaks and related concerns through our next-level thermal imaging.

Chandler Flight Icon

Onsite Flight in Minutes

Get comprehensive and accurate scans of your roof within a few minutes of drone inspection.

Chandler Look Deeper Icon

Deeper Look into Roof

We provide optical stills and videos along with thermal footage of your drone roof inspection.

Chandler Editing Icon

Video Editing Services

In addition to the raw drone footage, we can provide audience-ready video presentations.

Chandler Consulting Icon

Additional Consulting

Our team can arrange comprehensive inspections that go deeper than aerial drone footage.

Find the root of roof problems

 Optical drone images and videos aren’t always enough to locate roof leaks and determine their cause. Our thermal imaging drone technology gives you full visibility of your roof, allowing for advanced damage detection. Let’s arrange thermal drone services for your roof leak inspection needs.

Maximize the use of thermal drone
roof inspections

Roof leak detection historically required a ladder or temporary scaffolding for manual inspections. But this old way of looking for existing and potential damage typically involved working at great heights and navigating steep angles. Additionally, conventional inspections tend to deliver limited results.

Chandler Drone Services makes roof leak detection safer, faster, more accurate, and more accessible. Our drone inspection services use thermal imaging technology to identify moisture, lack of insulation, and potential hot spots that could compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

The drone does all the work, so there’s virtually no risk of injury. Additionally, drone inspections let you cut back on liability insurance costs typically associated with manual inspections. The drone can complete the job in minutes, so you can address roof leaks as soon as possible and before they get worse.

Book our comprehensive roof leak detection services

High-definition optical photos and videos aren’t always enough to identify existing and potential roof leaks. Chandler Drone Services can provide thermal roof inspections that give you a comprehensive view of your roofing, effectively helping to prevent a compromised structure and costly repairs.


Aerial drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging technology to detect roof leaks. By flying over the roof, drones capture detailed images and thermal data, which can identify areas of moisture intrusion. The collected data is then analyzed to pinpoint potential leak sources accurately. 

First, drones provide access to hard-to-reach areas like rooftops and elevated structures without manual inspection or scaffolding. Second, they offer a comprehensive visual overview of the entire roof, allowing for a more detailed assessment. Lastly, drone roof leak detection is faster and safer compared to traditional methods because it reduces the risk of accidents and minimizes disruption to occupants. 

During a drone roof leak detection service, our experienced operators deploy a specialized drone equipped with high-quality cameras and thermal imaging technology. The drone is flown systematically over the roof, capturing images and thermal data of the entire surface. Our team analyzes the collected data and provides a detailed report. 

Our drone technology is unmatched, offering high-accuracy detection capabilities for identifying roof leakage. Thermal imaging allows for the detection of moisture intrusion through the identification of changes in temperature. With a combination of visual and thermal data, our analysts can precisely determine potential areas of concern and recommend necessary repairs. 

While drones are highly effective in detecting most roof leaks, it’s important to note that some leaks caused by hidden or internal factors may require further inspection. However, drones remain an efficient and reliable way to detect the most common leaks and other visible damages. 

Drone roof inspection can find the following issues:

  • Water ponding
  • Missing or broken shingles/tiles
  • Separation in roofing materials
  • Degradation or deterioration of roofing components
  • Poorly sealed flashing around vents, skylights, or chimneys
  • Mold growth or staining 

The frequency of drone roof leak inspections varies based on climate and weather conditions. High-risk areas prone to extreme weather may require more frequent inspections, while regions with milder climates may suffice with an annual inspection. Consulting with a professional drone roof inspector can help determine the appropriate inspection schedule for your specific circumstances. 

When choosing a drone service for roof leak detection, consider the contractor’s experience, reputation, and track record of providing quality inspections. Additionally, verify that the company has the technology and capability to provide accurate results. Finally, compare quotes from multiple companies to get an idea of what is available at different price points.

Choose The Chandler Companies for top-notch drone roof leak detection at the best value for your money! 

Our professional drone operators are trained and know exactly how to fly the appropriate drones safely to securely capture the necessary footage. We then accurately analyze any potential problems on your property.

Like with any other technology, some safety and security risks need to be taken into consideration when using drones for roof inspections. 

We are highly qualified and follow strict safety guidelines to ensure your safety and the success of our inspections. 



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