Discover the Power of Thermal Imaging in Drone Roof Inspection

Chandler’s thermal drone services are designed for safe and accurate roof inspections.

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Identify damage faster

with Chandler thermal drones

Anyone can take photos and videos of your roof. But to fly higher and identify potential risks faster, you need to look beyond the surface. Chandler’s roof inspection drones use next-level thermal imaging that captures both visual and thermal data without the need for manual inspections.

In addition to giving you a bird’s-eye view of your business’s roofing, our drone services let you see things beyond optical imaging. Use them to rise above your competition.

Industrial Roofing Inspection
Thermal Data
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Industrial Roofing Inspections

Thermal drone for industrial roof inspection
We use thermal drones for industrial roof inspections so we can accurately identify current and future hot spots. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars in roof or building maintenance.

Utility and Substation Inspections

Utility and substation drone inspection
In addition to identifying potential hot spots that result in higher repair and maintenance savings, our thermal roof inspection captures data efficiently. Choose drones over manual inspections and benefit from cost reduction as well as improved occupational safety.

Solar Field Inspections

drone inspection for solar farm
Get the data you need using the high-resolution thermal imaging of our drone services. They can cover hundreds of acres in minutes, making them more efficient and effective than manual inspections.

How You Benefit from
Drone Thermal Roof Inspections

Take a look at how our thermal roof inspections help you stay on top of the competition.

Chandler High Definition Video

High Definition Video

Our next-level thermal imaging technology gives you full visibility of optical and thermal data.

Chandler Flight Icon

Onsite Flight in Minutes

Save time with our drones. You can easily and quickly scan areas ranging in size from a single property to acres of land within a few minutes.

Chandler Look Deeper Icon

Deeper Look into Roofs

Chandler’s infrared drone roof inspections include optical videos and stills along with thermal footage.

Chandler Editing Icon

Video Editing Services

We can give you audience-ready as well as raw videos of our thermal roof inspections.

Chandler Consulting Icon

Additional Consulting

Chandler can arrange comprehensive roof inspections in addition to drone thermal roof inspections.



Look deeper into your business

Anyone can take drone images and videos of your property, company, or municipality. But it takes a professional team to capture everything you need to see using thermal imaging drone technology. Look beyond what’s visible to the naked eye using our drone services.

Discover the value of thermal roof inspections

Conventional roof inspections require observation from a ladder or temporary scaffolding. These manual tasks often involve navigating steep angles, with the results ending up limited due to accessibility challenges. 

With drone technology, roof inspections have become faster, safer, and more detailed. There’s virtually no risk of injury. And, you cut down on the liability insurance costs that come with manual inspections. You’ll also get the job done faster because drones can accurately scan acres of land in minutes.

Chandler Drone Services uses thermal imaging to provide comprehensive drone roof inspections. This boosts the accuracy of our data, allowing you to detect and address hot spots and other potential problems before they worsen.

Use drone services for thermal roof inspections

Even the most high-definition optical videos might not be able to detect existing and potential hotspots that could compromise your building or your property. By using our drones for thermal roof inspections, you get a comprehensive aerial view of what matters to your business.


How Our Drone Roof Inspections Can Detect Common Roof Issues

In addition to detecting roof leaks, drone inspections can identify a range of common roof issues, including:

  • Indications of wood rot: Thermal imaging can reveal areas of moisture accumulation and potential wood rot, allowing for timely repairs to prevent further damage.
  • Roof vents and penetrations: UAVs can examine roof vents, pipes, and other penetrations for signs of damage or deterioration that may compromise the roof’s integrity.
  • Missing or damaged shingles: Drones can provide detailed high resolution imagery, which easily detects damage to shingles in roofing. Combined with our unique machine learning algorithm, we are able to ID damage rapidly and safely.
  • Excessive moss or vegetation growth: Our thermal imaging technology can detect areas of excessive moisture where moss or vegetation may be thriving, indicating potential water damage.
  • Chimney damage: Our drones can inspect chimney structures for signs of damage, deterioration, or improper installation, helping homeowners avoid chimney-related issues.
  • Buckling, sagging, or bowing roofing materials: By capturing high-definition imagery, our drones can detect signs of structural issues such as buckling, sagging, or bowing roofing materials.
  • Flashing around roof penetrations: Our drone inspections can assess the condition of flashing around roof penetrations, ensuring proper sealing and preventing water intrusion.
  • Water Pooling or Improper Drainage: Our drones can inspect gutter systems and downspouts for clogs, damage, or improper drainage, which can lead to water pooling and roof leaks.
  • Remaining Lifespan of Your Roof: By analyzing the condition of roofing materials and detecting signs of deterioration, our drone inspections can provide insights into the remaining lifespan of your roof.


Thermal roof inspection using drones employs infrared or thermal imaging technology to detect temperature variations on roofs. Thermal images captured can unravel issues such as heat loss, moisture intrusion, and insulation deficiencies that are invisible to the naked eye. This method helps identify energy inefficiencies, hidden structural constraints, and roof leaks. 

Drones with high-resolution cameras and advanced sensors can capture detailed imagery and collect data from various angles and perspectives. They can navigate around rooftops, even in hard-to-reach areas, to identify potential issues without requiring manual inspection. 

Drone roof inspections offer many advantages over traditional methods. Drones provide an efficient and cost-effective way to inspect roofs quickly and accurately. They allow roofers to view hard-to-reach areas from a safe distance without the need for scaffolding or ladders. 

Additionally, drones can capture high-definition pictures and videos of the entire rooftop, providing greater visibility into potential defects. 

A drone roof inspection service typically includes:

  • Planning and Preparation: The drone inspection team coordinates with the client to determine the inspection scope, specific areas of concern, and data requirements.
  • Drone Deployment: A trained and certified drone pilot launches the drone from a safe location, ensuring compliance with aviation regulations and airspace restrictions. The drone is maneuvered to capture detailed imagery and data of the roof surface, gutters, chimneys, vents, and other components.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: The drone's high-resolution camera captures images and utilizes infrared or thermal imaging sensors. The collected data is then processed using specialized software.
  • Reporting and Recommendation: Based on the analysis of the collected data, the drone inspection team generates a comprehensive report outlining the roof's condition. They present the findings and recommendations to address the issues.

Drone inspections can detect a wide range of roof issues, including:

  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Cracks and punctures
  • Leaks and water intrusion
  • Poor insulation
  • Structural issues 

Infrared drone inspections must be performed by highly trained and certified pilots with comprehensive knowledge of aviation regulations, safe operating procedures, and emergency protocols. Before conducting inspections, pilots evaluate the site meticulously to identify possible safety hazards and flight restrictions. 

The inspection team should carefully plan the flight path, considering nearby obstacles, people, or sensitive areas with utmost priority to safety. All drones used in inspections undergo frequent maintenance and inspections to guarantee their safe and optimal performance.

We utilize high-end drones with advanced thermal imaging technology specifically designed to inspect roofs. Our drones feature an array of sensors, such as thermal cameras and infrared scanners that allow us to detect potential roofing problems quickly and accurately without having to access the roof physically. 

A typical drone roof inspection takes about an hour or less, depending on the size of the roof. Our drones can inspect large and small roofs quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your daily routine. This means you don’t have to waste any time waiting around for the inspection to be completed. 

Depending on your location, you may require permission from local authorities before conducting a drone roof inspection. We recommend checking with your city or county office to determine if additional regulations or requirements need to be met. 

Drones are employed in a wide range of industries, including construction, roofing, insurance, and real estate, for efficient inspections and data collection. 



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