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Chandler Drone Services provides professional optical and thermal drone services.

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Drones are changing the way the world does business. Nearly every industry has a use case for them, and yours likely does as well. Whether you are a roofer looking to map out moisture in low slope commercial buildings, or an electrical utility wanting to save money on pole analysis and inventorying, Chandler Companies has a solution for you. 

Commercial Roofing Moisture Mapping

We have teams of commercial drone operators across the US who can capture data on any building in the country. That data is then sent back to our headquarters to be imported into our proprietary software, which produces a model that we can use to show you, down to the inch, where trapped moisture is hiding in a roofing system. This technology is incredible at providing clarity to your clients, data to help with insurance claims, and more importantly, peace of mind, knowing you have all of the moisture in a roof outlined and accounted for. Re-roofing? No problem. Coating? Let’s get a model made so we can verify you won’t roof over wet insulation. It’s cheap, and accurate, and we can perform the scans just about anywhere, with no need to physically climb on the roof. Use the contact form above and we’d love to chat with you and put your mind at ease.



Electrical Utilities benefit from adding a drone program to their existing maintenance plan for their distribution and transmission towers. Our drone teams can inspect hundreds of poles a day, in any terrain. Our analysis includes both standard imaging, and thermal imaging, providing a dual layer of data for our analysis. We work with highly skilled linemen to analyze the images, and provide a report outlining all of the poles in organized severity ratings, along with a breakdown of each of the found issues. This methodology allows for tremendous savings as crews can now be focused on critical issues before they occur, and catastrophic events can be mitigated through cheaper, and faster inspections across the entire system.


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Chandler Companies is proud to work hand in hand with one of America’s leading thermal engineers. We staff a crew of analysts, which similar to our roof inspections, report back any and all anomalies, down to an individual cell in a panel. Cost analysis and expected loss of revenue is also included, outlining the real time effect damage identified is having on a system as a whole. Inspections take hours, not weeks, and can be done year round. Our reports are engineering grade, and actionable decisions can be made immediately after the report is delivered, saving owners precious time and manpower. Get a digital twin of your solar sites, aerial thermal inspections, data normalization, serial number mapping, warranty claim features, equipment records, mobile tools and more — all powered by our industry-leading data model. Standardize and compare data across installations, increase performance, reduce risk and lift ROI.

PROPERTY Marketing

Adding a bird’s-eye view of your business’s story can be the thing that truly elevates you in the eyes of your customers. Chandler Drone Services provides stunning aerial tours of any property, business, or municipality. We work with state-of-the-art editing solutions, and the latest in drone cinematography systems to provide the best in resolution and clarity. Feel free to check out one of our samples!

Chandler High Definition Video


Our next-level thermal imaging drone technology captures visual and thermal data that digs deep into the heart of what matters.

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From a single property to entire city blocks in no time at all.

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Optical video and stills are accompanied by simultaneous thermal footage, for both practical or creative purposes.

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Chandler Drone Services will provide our beautiful raw footage, or we can produce an audience-ready video.

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Chandler Drone Services looks deeper than beautiful aerial footage. For comprehensive roof, solar, or utility inspection, contact us below.

A bird’s-eye view of your business

Anyone can take videos of your property, company, or municipality. It takes a professional team to implement thermal imaging drone technology that provides a fresh perspective of your business. Rise above the competition with our drone services.

Conduct safe, thorough reviews through drone inspection

Many industries use drone inspection services for maintenance procedures. By sending a drone to collect optical or thermal data on their behalf, inspectors are kept away from dangerous situations. In addition to risk reduction, drone services allow businesses to save money. 

Companies can reduce liability insurance costs because their personnel won’t have to do the inspection themselves. There’s no need for scaffolding or other temporary infrastructure to support manual inspections. And, there’s less downtime because drones can do inspections anytime, without the need for assets to be shut off.

Also, since drone inspections are much safer and more convenient than manual inspections, companies can perform inspections more frequently. This results in more accurate data. It also means potential problems can be detected and addressed faster.

Use drone services to soar above the competition

Chandler’s drone inspection services are beneficial to the industrial sector, utility companies, commercial property owners, and municipalities. Drones can also be used to create aerial tours that are helpful for property marketing. Discover how our drones will contribute to your business’s success today.



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