Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial Property Management: Roof Inspection

Property owners have their hands full with maintaining commercial properties. A regular commercial roof inspection can help maintain the property’s health. From hurricanes, storms, pests, hail, and roof ice dams, there are many types of property damage that managers have to deal with.

Sadly, owners often neglect roofs when managing properties because they are out of sight and expensive to repair. Worry not. Roof maintenance can be made easy. Here is a handy checklist to guide you through the entire process of inspecting a roof.

Roof Surface Inspection

Severe weather can severely damage a property’s roof surface and cause some equipment to loosen up, detach, or suffer water damage. In such a case, you can use a drone roof inspection to spot any issues that may have occurred on the roof. It will also help prevent property roof issues in the long run.

Standing Water Inspection

Commercial roofs and standing water are not friends. The roof’s stability can come into question if there is water not draining properly from the roof or collecting in one spot. Ideally, you want to check for damage, color changes, or staining in the material. All these might be signs of standing water causing roof issues

Check for Blocked Water Paths

Check for Blocked Water Paths

As part of your roof inspection, you also need to check if there is a blocked waterway on it.  If you cannot manage this yourself, you can hire drone inspection services to detect potential water blockages. Blocked gutters, downspouts, and drains can lead to more complex issues, like mold and severe dampness.


During severe storms, a lot of the debris tends to end up on commercial property roofs – from branches and plastic bags to leaves. Although these issues seem innocent enough to deal with or ignore, if they continue for longer, the debris might end up stuck in the wrong place and prevent the water from draining.

Tears and Cracks

Tears, cracks, and cuts can cause roof leaks and structural damage. The seemingly harmless debris from, for example, a storm, can be the reason for expensive repairs. Roof edges are vulnerable to damage and should be regularly checked. If you notice any changes, react fast to prevent more serious issues. Ensure the edges are properly attached and the roof flashing is unbroken.

Frequent Inspection

Property managers should plan to inspect property roofs for damage regularly. Fall Inspections are a must and will ensure that the roof can endure the severe winter ahead. Another inspection should follow in the spring to identify any potential damages that occurred during the winter.

Chandler Drone Services: Commercial Property Drone Inspection Services

A roof inspection can be a dangerous and time-consuming task for one person to achieve. Thankfully, Chandler Drone Services offers the best professional drone inspection services for comprehensive commercial roof estimations.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your roof’s status with our help — we check for standing water, rusting, and debris and offer solar field inspections, substations, and utility inspections. Reach out to our professionals today to schedule your drone inspection!

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