Master Balancers & Roofing Experts


Are you looking for tough, durable roofing that resists harsh weather conditions? Chandler Companies, Inc is proudly serving the commercial and business communities in SE Minnesota and Western Wisconsin with roofing services for more than 48 years. We are a team of licensed contractors.

Roofing Systems we work with:

  • Flat roofs

  • Low sloped roofs

  • Pitched roofs

  • Built Up Roofing

  • EPDM Membrane

  • TPO Membrane

  • Metal

  • Rock Ballast

  • Modified Bitumen

  • PVC

  • Retrofit

  • EPDM roofing

    EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It’s a long-lasting membrane roofing material that is a great option for businesses and homes with flat roofs. EPDM is rubber roofing that has the lowest carbon footprint among comparable single-ply roofing systems. Its dark color can help buildings retain heat during cold winter months. In some cases, a light-colored coating can be applied over the top.

  • Built-up roof (BUR)

    BUR roofs are often found on older buildings. They are traditional hot-tar-and-gravel roofs, and their gravel surfaces can be visually appealing when a window overlooks a rooftop. Because they are so heavy, buildings with BUR roofs sometimes have to be reinforced to bear the weight.

  • Modified bitumen

    This single-ply rolled roof shields your building from ice and water. It’s unrolled, heated and stuck to the surface of the roof during installation. New peel-and-stick versions are available as well.

  • TPO roofing

    TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. It’s a single-ply roofing membrane used to cover the surface of a flat roof. TPO is actually made out of a blend of two different kinds of rubber. It’s light-colored, which can help buildings reflect heat and reduce cooling costs during the hottest summer months.

Commercial Roofing Experts

We can help you with all your roofing needs, including

  • Renovations

  • Repairs

  • Inspections

  • Warranty and insurance claims

  • Commercial Office Buildings

  • Industrial Warehouses and Storage

  • REIT’S and Ownership Groups

  • Property Management Companies

  • Brokers, Realtors, Consultants and Agents

  • Courtesy Inspection and Consultation

  • Insurance Claims Department – We work with all insurance companies and represent owners to achieve fair resolution of claims

  • Traditional Bid Estimates

We handle all jobs, no matter how big or small your commercial property is. We have experience working with properties damaged by severe weather.