Warehouse and Storage

Space. The Final Frontier.
With warehouse and storage it's all about space. Not the kind where starships race across galaxies, but more where they park when they get back.

The progress of the Public Storage and Warehousing industry has been closely tied to the health of its major downstream markets: manufacturing, wholesale and retail. As these markets continue to rebound from the recession, the demand for storage and warehousing services increase resulting in new facilities across the country.

Although housing everything from refrigerated goods to grain and plastic yard animals, one consistency that is the lifeblood of any warehouse or storage facility is the import/export of goods. This constant coming-n-going of products creates a web of transportation sources that not only include cars, trucks and foot-traffic, but often loading dock facilities that juggle railways, airports or seaports.

Sprinkle in the needed equipment such as cranes, forklifts, pallets and racks to handle goods in containers like boxes, barrels and drums and it starts to paint a picture of the immense complexity of these facilities.

In Indian English a warehouse may be referred to as a "godown", but any operator will tell you that's the one single thing they can't have happen. Continuous operation and non-interruption of service is the backbone of their business.
At Chandler our first priority of business is the priority of your business and it's continuous operation without interruption.
"Listen to Clients. Respect them and become their trusted adviser so they hire you over and over again. If you help clients solve their problems, you become more than a hired gun."
- Arthur Gensler, Founder/Owner of Gensler, the largest architectural firm in the world. Fortune Magazine - April 01, 2017

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