Siding Systems, Paint, and Finish

Your Building's Fountain of Youth.
"The architecture of a building is an extension of the person for whom it was designed, and through renovation offers new opportunities of expression for generations to come."

While siding, paint, and finish can be elegant components that help define the unique architectural aesthetics of the building, it also has the critical role related to energy performance and interior function of a building. As technology continues to improve, different options for improvement become available for incorporation into building finishes. These elements are geared toward improvement of the building envelope performance.

Review of components and functions are important in relating to how the building performs. Not only are component choices in the individual exterior items extensive, the installation scheme of the system and subsequent maintenance by the building management are complementary of the performance of the finished design.

Siding systems, paint and finish remain the most important exterior elements for building functionality. These building envelope components are the first line of defense against environmental and physical exposure based on intrinsic design and location, therefore creating high expectations for performance.

Plus, they look good.

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