Roofing Systems

Roof. The Other Foundation.
It's true that your building is only as strong as the foundation, but your roof is the true foundation to its efficiency and longevity.
Like a hat on a human head, more energy is lost through the roof than any other part of the building. Whether keeping the sun out or keeping the heat in, choosing and maintaining the correct roofing system can pay for itself over time.
Weather and time are the 2 biggest enemies to your exterior. Chandler has spent the last nearly 70 years developing programs and mastering methods for combatting these elements to protect and extend the life of your building.
Storm Damage
Of course hail is the true culprit and the #1 cause of instantaneous roof failure and no roofing system is safe. Even metal roofs and commercial/industrial flat/low slopes with heavy ply and rock-ballasted systems aren't immune.
Damage Not Seen
Although not visible to the human eye, wind and hail damage can fracture the substrate under your roof surface and compromise the structural integrity and life expectancy of your roof. This takes specialty equipment, professional technicians and years of hands-on experience to identify, qualify and quantify the damage to be covered by insurance.
Find out the true condition of your roofing system and exterior envelope with a Free Inspection and Consultation. Once inspected, enroll your property in our industry-exclusive Chandler Property Protection Plan for the ultimate peace of mind.

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