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"Property Management can be a bit like juggling cats."
We understand the enormity of job-scope when it comes to Property Management. Anything and everything associated with a property falls under your jurisdiction and can be quite daunting:
Responsible for Rent: Setting Rent, Collecting Rent, Adjusting Rent
Responsible for Tenants: Finding Tenants, Screening Tenants, Handling Leases, Handling Complaints/Emergencies, Handling Move Outs, Dealing With Evictions
Responsible for Knowledge of Landlord-Tenant Law
Responsible for Supervising: Other Employees, Vacant Properties
Responsible for Managing the Budget
Responsible for Maintaining Records
Responsible for Taxes
Responsible for Public Relations with Owners
That's a lot of "Responsible for's" and so far we haven't been much help, until now...
Responsible for Maintenance, Repairs and Capital Improvement Projects
Utilize our full set of General Contractor Services and Complimentary Programs to collar a few of those cats and help with the daily juggling.

StormTowerTM Property Protection Program

Professional Insurance Claims Department

Courtesy Inspection and Consultation

Chandler Phone App

Restoration and Renovation

Roofing Systems

Exterior Envelope

Engineered Tax Services

Environmental Mitigation

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