Professional Insurance Claims Department

Your Claim is Only as Good as the Team You Have Handling it.
Don't leave your insurance claim to chance, make sure your entire property is returned to "pre-loss condition" by our professional team of Storm-Loss, Insurance-Claim Specialists.
It takes decades of experience to truly understand and master the complexities of the commercial insurance claim process. This is not a simple undertaking and takes a team of professional specialists and specialty procedures to thoroughly document and maximize your settlement:
Team Specialists
We're only as good as our team and we're the best because we work with the best. We have assembled the top Structural and Civil Engineers, Public Adjusters, Consultants, Attorneys, Meteorologists, Field Specialists, Laboratories, Technicians and Construction Managers as leaders in their chosen fields to collectively handle your claim.
Claim Procedures
Since the majority of damage is not visible to the eye, this is where the professional specialists get to work with processes as Infrared Moisture Spectranalysis, Meteorological and Historical Storm Data, Forensic Structural and Civil Engineering Reports, Core Samples with Laboratory Testing and a multitude of other collaboratively collected Empirical Evidence and Data. The best part? We do all this at no cost or obligation to you. We are paid through the settled claim of the insurance company and we're confident enough in our team's ability that we'll take this risk to earn your business.

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