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Every Community Has It's Own Heartbeat.
We don't want to be remembered for dust, drop-cloths and disruption when completing a project. We approach every project with a personal sense of pride where our sole purpose is to be remembered as facilitators of enhanced facilities and a revitalized community.

We fully understand that a major component that can be the tipping point of a successful project is Tenant Relations. No one gets excited about a construction project at their place of residence. Home is supposed to be a place of peace, solitude and familiarity...not noise, equipment and unfamiliar faces.

Unfortunately those are 3 things associated with any construction project and although we can't eliminate any of the 3, what we can do is:

  1. Keep the noise to an absolute minimum without any excessive loud voices, blaring of music or inappropriate language.
  2. Storing the equipment and materials in clearly marked and safe areas that doesn't interfere with daily life.
  3. Ensuring that all Chandler personnel on site are appropriately dressed with a helpful, professional and courteous demeanor at all times.
We can't take the place of family, but maybe we can be that "Cool Uncle" that everyone looks forward to having over every once in a while.

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