Your Partner in the Chess Game of Real Estate
"Big assets, big cities, big capital, and big competition. The U.S. is more in favor than the rest of the world right now."
- Urban Land Institute (ULI) 2017
ULI continued by interestingly comparing the ever-morphing world of real estate in 2017 to a game of chess:

"Like chess, the real estate playing field requires an artful mix of skills, tactics, and strategies. A chessboard is limited to just 64 squares and is two-dimensional. Real estate's domain covers a lot more space, and requires thinking across economic, social, political, and technological dimensions."

"The game of chess is not a game of chance, but requires mastery of a complex set of skills that are both art and science. A player needs to be alert, equally aware of the strengths and weaknesses of his own position and that of his opponent. A plan is needed, most assuredly. The number of possible games that can develop, however, exceeds the number of atoms in the universe. Hence, flexibility within the plan is critical. Each move has a short-term impact and is also a step in positioning for a victorious endgame."

"As we consider the emerging trends going into 2017, we try to look two or three moves ahead in the fascinating and competitive field that is the real estate industry. And, since no single move can be considered in isolation, it will be important to see the pattern linking several trends as they evolve interactively."

At Chandler, we're always looking to the future of emerging trends and how to stay ahead of our competition with continuous innovation, cutting-edge technologies and new levels of service. We're proud to be your partner in the ever-changing real estate market to help navigate and keep your properties in the forefront of financial viability and value.

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