Big Box Retail, Warehouse Clubs, and Supercenters

Who Are They Trying to Kid.
Bigger is Always Better.
Our proprietary programs take on a proactive approach to help prepare for the problems before they happen. Don't wait for a storm to build your ark.

By definition: A large retail store whose physical layout resembles a large square or box when seen from above. A big-box store is characterized by a large amount of floor space (generally more than 50,000 square feet), a wide array of items available for sale, and its location in suburban areas.

We simply see it as our customer who has bigger, well maybe not bigger, but definitely better things to do than have to deal with the very building that protects what's truly important, the business on the inside.

Costco Founder James Sinegal said it best: "This is almost like show business. I mean, every day you're opening up and it's show time."

At Chandler, our job is to not only make sure the show goes on, but goes on without interruption. Our programs and services were created to do just that.

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